Discover the beauty of elōs

Simple. Safe. Effective.

There's no surgery, no sedation, and no downtime. And most procedures take 30 minutes or less.

Choosing a medical treatment solution for beautiful skin was once a confusing and difficult decision. Many methods promise the best results, but most fall short. elōs, the revolutionary new technology found only in Syneron aesthetic systems, has changed everything. Now aesthetic treatments from hair removal and skin rejuvenation to acne and veins are easier, safer, and more effective than ever before.

elōs aesthetic procedures:

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening

  • The only non-invasive treatment with FDA-approval for Skin Tightening via Wrinkle Treatment
  • Virtually painless skin tightening — without surgery.
  • Firm and tighten lax skin
  • Click here for more information on ReFirme and a special offer!


  • Helps remove dead skin cells, while increasing cell turnover
  • Helps deminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cleans and shrinks pores

Hair Removal

  • Removes hair of most colors — from all skin types, including tanned skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

  • Diminishes skin imperfections including, rosacea, spider veins, red and brown spots, and sun damage.

Cellulite Treatment with VelaShape

  • Re-contours the skin’s surface for a smoother, sexier look. The first nonsurgical FDA approved medical solution for Cellulite Treatment with VelaShape!
  • Click here for more information on VelaShape II.




Experience the Difference of medi-spa

Therapeutic. Corrective. Unique.

Take advantage of the diverseness that a Medi-spa can offer you.  With so many customized treatments to choose from, achieving a “new you” is quick and easy! Many similar facilities cannot offer a program that is tailor made for each person and medically supervised. And with treatment ranging from weight loss to facials, a Medi-spa is sure to fulfill all of your body’s needs in one place!


  • Includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions (if needed), and a customized masque.
  • Uses chirally correct products that are only available through a medical facility
  • Refreshes the skin while the body is relaxing


  • Designed to stimulate gentle change deep in the skin using chirally correct peels
  • Peels are safe and effective for all skin types and can be repeated bi-monthly.
  • Non-traumatic with minimal downtime.

Weight Loss Program

  • Medically supervised for safe and effective weight loss.
  • Injections of HCG, B12, and Lipoden and/or prescription available.
  • Diet and exercise regimen created for each individual.

Treatment Enhancers

  • Obagi System Skin Care Products -- transforms your skin at the cellular level to look younger and healthier.
  • Glo Mineral Makeup -- made with pure minerals including vitamins C, A,K and E to promote healthy skin.
  • Clarisonic Brush -- gentle face cleansing brush allows all skin care products to penetrate 61% deeper than  manual cleansing.